Alpha Wellbeing Centre


Alpha waves are the brain waves detected during wakeful relaxation.

At the Alpha Wellbeing Centre, we are dedicated to maximizing potential, empowering others, enhancing resilience and providing the best care for you and your family members. Our team offers a wide range of wellbeing services to promote human flourishing and to help you and your family members learn, develop and overcome personal barriers.

We provide social skills training, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and many more. We provide one-on-one sessions or group sessions to help you and your family members learn and experience positive ways of living. In addition, we provide youth mental health professional development training to school counsellors, social workers and teachers, to help students maximize their full potentials.

Our Centre Environment and Facilities:

May room sofa

The Alpha Wellbeing Centre aims to provide a comfortable and suitable space to run wellbeing groups, classes, therapy sessions, corporate training, or one-to-one counseling sessions, etc.. Our Centre provides well-equipped activity rooms and meeting rooms.

The activity rooms can accommodate 16 yoga mats for mindfulness or 30 seats for public talks. Our small activity rooms can house up to 8 participants for group activities. A range of facilities and equipment are also provided, which include 20 yoga mats, 20 meditation cushions and mats, 10 meditation benches, 30 chairs and audio-visual system (projector, laptop, computer, wireless microphone and equipment that serves as one-way mirror for observation of room activities).

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at 2151 8009 or email to .

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